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Quantum Wellness Program

"Becoming and maintaining a healthy company is more than just your financial bottom line . . . the path starts with the health of your human resource…ONE individual at a time. . . . Collectively meeting success! Commitment and success of healthy choices will affect everyone’s bottom line."



















Your Total Wellness and Health Assessment Solution

With changing times and health awareness, wellness programs are becoming more widespread throughout the country. The Quantum team recognizes the mind – body connection and has endorsed client sponsored health education and prevention programs since the mid 1990’s. Outcomes and research continue to endorse the correlation of peak performance at work and the well-being of employees.  Endorsing the concept “employees are the most valuable assets to any company”, Quantum wellness programs offer a variety of resources which empirically provide solutions for employees and their employers. Establishing a program is different for every company; and Quantum will guide you to determine what is the best program to offer employees. Wellness programs range from simply offering information to staff,  to subsidized healthy lunches, coordinated biometric evaluations, fitness education, and a company fitness centers.

A few thoughts on the benefits:


  • Identifying and addressing chronic risk behaviors that we “all” pay for; 


  • Provide the company with strategic advantages by investing money in a program that will bring them lowered expenses in return;


  • Better performing workers by addressing health and life styles issues when working with the Quantum support system of professionals and healthy living tools;


  • Reducing chronic absenteeism/presenteeism with a prevention model;


  • It is proven, the health and welfare of employees has a direct impact on the success of the company.














Why is it beneficial for employees to take advantage of a workplace wellness program? There are many reasons, but evidence indicates that the number one reason is EVERY person has some sort of health risk to varying degrees, whether it’s unhealthy eating, lack of exercise or sleep, drinking, smoking, genetic dispositions, or a family member with a health related problem.

Quantum Wellness Programs help company populations get healthier, even if that simply means learning how to reduce stress and muscle strain when on the job. Other benefits can include helping to lose weight, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, sleep better, and understanding side effects of prescriptions. With the Quantum Wellness Programs, individuals will be able to tailor their goals to specifically fit their lifestyle.

A tertiary benefit of the Quantum Wellness Program is that it builds a sense of camaraderie within the cohort of co-workers, when attending or participating in educational sessions. Employees have a chance to experience activities with others that aren’t related to work, whether in a walking club, eating together, or by going to a fitness program. 

Quantum Wellness allows families to get fit together as well;  the program is offered to family members at no additional charge. Family and social support is a very important part of weight loss and getting fit. The interaction process offers encouragement when needed, as well as mechanism to help one accountable to ones goals.

Our team of diversified health professionals are broad in scope by design, allowing us to offer a full range of services.  Contact us below to schedule a consultation, we offer a discount to current clients!


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