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Complaint Helpline 

The Quantum helpline sends a message to employees and external audiences that “Our Company embraces an open-door policy”. 



What kinds of issues are employers interested in hearing about? 


The Quantum helpline can obtain information on fraud, theft, harassment, discrimination, hostile workplace, accounting and regulatory issues, whistle blower, ethics, and compliance violations.



What kind of feedback mechanism(s) does Quantum offer? 


Our systems are toll-free, 24/7 access from any location where the company has employees.  We offer live operators or phone automated or opportunity for an integrated of both systems.



Live Operator System.  


Employee concerns are addressed with an interview with a Quantum professional.  Our teams of trained Intake Coordinators obtain salient information to query the real heart of the caller’s concern.



Phone Automated System. 


Calls are directed via an automated attendant system.  The greeting and instructions are customized to meet the company’s objectives, and the system can be constructed in such a way that different types of concerns can have different types of instructions. Typically, the messages that the callers leave are recorded and then transcribed verbatim.  Benefits of automated system reporting are that it offers autonomy and easy for an employee to record what it is they want to say.



How will Quantum interface with the Company?  


Once the initial assessment is complete, there are a variety of operational details that need to be considered.  Some of the more important are message routing, situation/case Management, response coordination for urgent situations, tables of authorities and notification.



How will employees be educated about the system and how to use it?   


Quantum offers a complete package of educational materials to introduce the program and roll out to the workforce.  Included are customized posters, wallet cards, and brochures. 


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