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DOT Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Services

DOT, department of transportation, safety, drug testing

Quantum provides Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) services to clients since Federal regulations mandated DOT drug testing for CDL licenses. Quantum currently services clinical support for managers and supervisors of over 120 employers nationwide. The service is provided nationwide in support of employers and employees seeking assistance and DOT compliance. 

Substance abuse is a serious problem in nearly every organizational work force. Quantum will assist managers in understanding and employing your company’s substance abuse policies and procedures.



Quantum will maintain a proactive posture and assist with substance abuse professional (SAP) services to your company in the following areas:


  • Defining the role of the manager or supervisor


  • Assisting the manager/supervisor in the constructive use of the program


  • Understanding local and federal law enforcement policies and procedures


  • Providing resources for drug-free workplace information and education


  • Assisting managers in effective use of the program


  • Balancing company's need for competent job performance with its desire to help rehabilitate chemically dependent employees


  • Providing comprehensive in-person SAP services in accordance with DOT

DOT, department of transportation, safety, drug testing
DOT, department of transportation, safety, drug testing

The Quantum SAP is an agent of either a client organization or an employee needing an evaluation to coordinate return to work. Our function is to evaluate those individuals who either fail a drug test or admit to an alcohol/drug problem to their employer. In addition to the evaluation, the SAP refers to appropriate treatment, monitors the employee’s compliance, and coordinates the employee’s return to work. SAP Responsibilities include:


  • Evaluation

  • Referral

  • Monitor Compliance

  • Follow-up Evaluation

  • Return to Work Coordination

If the Quantum SAP feels that the clearance from the treatment provider and follow-up evaluation indicate that the employee is ready to return to work, the employer is notified. This notification should also advise the employer how long (i.e., 1 - 5 years) to randomly drug test the employee after he/she returns to work. This recommendation can be based on the initial and follow-up evaluations, as well as information provided by the treatment facility. Also, once the employee is back to work, the SAP can modify the duration of the random drug testing.

The Quantum Institute also offers education programs for those individuals who need education as a component for return to work as determined by any SAP.

If you would like assistance with SAP services please contact us below and one of our team members will connect with you promptly!

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