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EMPLOYER SERVICES: Quantum's "Top 10"

The Benefits We Measure When Providing Services To Our Employer Clients . . .


1.  Flexibility in Services


2.  Workforce Focus


3.  Talent Management and Quantum’s Organizational Structure


4.  Professional and Clinical Nationwide Network


5.  Availability


6.  Quality Review and Quality Control


7.  Our Fee


8.  Program Confidentiality


9.  IT Systems and Technology Partners


10.  Program Promotion - Maintaining our Brand


We believe this reflects our core philosophy, our energy and resources to deliver a comprehensive program to our clients.


















Services We Offer In Support Of Client Operations And Human Resource Management...


  • Professional coaching and counseling for employee referrals.


  • Crisis management during complex situations.


  • Counseling and coaching during employee performance improvement, termination, or disability management.


  • Development of policies and procedures for managing an EAP.


  • Development and customization of outreach and program publicity.


  • Feedback for reporting and quality improvement/assurance.


  • Onsite education, counseling, or mediation.


  • Staffing support for professional development and other human resources activities.


  • Comprehensive library of research and resource referral.


  • Involvement with committees/groups/teams within the organization.

If you are a supervisor or human resource professional in need of assistance, information, program materials, or onsite support please contact us for a consulation at 877-747-1200 or provide the following information:


employer services
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