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The complexity of family transition lends itself to resourcefulness. Many people end their marital relationship with pain, caustic behaviors, physical and emotional distraught, and expenditure of precious family financial resources. You and your spouse can make the decisions for separating versus a court, when a court makes decisions in your divorce, separation, or parenting case, there is very little time for the judge to get to know you and your family before making decisions that are far-reaching.

When working with Quantum Mediation Services, we work with you through mediation or parenting coordination to help you generate options for an agreement that works for both parties. We can also act as decision-maker to provide you with binding decisions to submit to the courts. The choice is yours.

Quantum Mediation Services offers a wide variety of services to businesses and families in transition. We offer a process in which the parties use an impartial person to assist them in negotiating with each other by facilitating communications and problem-solving until an agreement is reached or the parties acknowledge that they are at an impasse.  Quantum Mediation Services is non-adversarial, confidential, and voluntary. We provide you with assistance with:

Domestic Relations and Decision-Making, a process in which the parties use an impartial person to make binding decisions to resolve on-going issues as to the implementation or clarification of existing parenting agreements or orders, including parenting time, disputed parental decisions, and child support. A domestic relations decision-maker is our role which helps you with court documents with the consent of the parties.

Arbitration is a process in which the parties use an impartial person to make binding decisions to resolve property and financial issues as well as issues concerning the parties’ children. For arbitrations concerning the parties’ minor or dependent children, the arbitrator chosen by the parties is appointed by the court with the consent of the parties.

Parenting Coordination, a process in which the parties use an impartial person to assist them in implementing an agreed-upon or court-ordered parenting plan by developing communications guidelines, suggesting resources for learning appropriate communication skills, helping parties identify sources and causes of conflict, and developing parenting strategies to allow the parties to minimize their conflict. A parenting coordinator assists the parties in developing strategies for resolving on-going parenting disputes as they arise, but does not impose binding parenting decisions.

Meetings are scheduled in two hour blocks, but can be scheduled for longer if necessary. It is not necessary for you to have an attorney in order to use our services. Before you sign any agreement, however, you are encouraged to review it with an attorney.

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