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Quantum Health Solutions, Inc., (“Quantum”) began in 1982 specifically to design and deliver Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and behavioral health care services. Our organization has provided over 30 years of continuous service to our clients. 

Today, Quantum services a client organization list that includes large and small companies, service and manufacturing industries, non-profit entities, and local government. The vast majority of all accounts that chose Quantum have continued to remain with our organization based on our commitment to helping people. 

Since our charter began, we know every work force struggles with life events, personal situations and emotional complexities. These problems not only cause personal distress but can often affect adversely on the employee's job performance and wellbeing. The Quantum mission is to help employees address, alleviate, and resolve their personal problems through a program of professional, accessible, voluntary, and confidential counseling. 

Quantum's fundamental commitment is to maximize physical and emotional well-being of our clients, which is directly related to job performance, productivity, and a valued team member.


Quantum is national in scope, offering programs that help companies respond to their employees and their health care needs. We have known from the beginning, in order to provide service to the dozens of different types of clients, we would need to be distinct.  Quantum prides itself on flexibility and customization of programs.  Quantum's corporate office is located in Florida.  Our team actively seeks, credentials, and utilizes the services of other contracted behavioral health professionals and affiliate organizations to meet the geographic needs of our client base. Welcome and we look forward to working with you!

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